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Original TVpad 3 TVpad 2 TVpad 1 power adapter

TVpad 3, TVpad 2 and TVpad 1 Original power adapter. for all TVpad models. Brand new.


Tvpad Tvpad2, Tvpad3 Remote Control

Brand new Tvpad remote control, works with all models of Tvpad. Buy with confidence, authorized Tvpad distributor, guaranteed to be authentic!


TVpad2 M233+Extra Game Remote Control

The box comes with 1. TVpad 2. HDMI Cable 3. AV Component (RCA Red, White & Yellow) 4. TF memory card for buffering 5. Power Adapter 6. Remote Control 7. Manual 8.Free AAA battery 9. Game Remote Control 10.Preinstall All App & Game


HDMI cable for TVpad 1 and TVpad 2

HDMI cable for all TVpad 1 and TVpad 2 models Brand new. 6" long.


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