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Keyword Search: DIRECT TV D12

Lot of 3 Directv D12-100 recievers w/power cords and 2 remotes

used but in great condition


DirecTV D12-100 Standard Receiver 'OWNED'

Used but in excellent condition Direct TV receiver with access card Receiver ID: 012905605650 Serial number: A10MF1HJ330605


Directv OWNED HR23 HD DVR Digital Satellite Receiver HR23-700 lot w/D12-100...

Great used lot. Out of directv contract and not under any time or monetary obligation. Lot comes with both receivers pictured and their plugs. Comes with both access cards. Comes with both remotes, but back battery plate is missing from one; it still ...  More


Directv D12-100 Receiver Excellent Condition

I am selling my Directv D12-100 Receiver. This is in perfect working condition and is in like new shape. This is clear of my account as I have called DirecTV, however, they told me to recycle it or if someone would like to purchase it then I could se ...  More


DIRECTV D12-300 Digital Multi-Satellite Receiver (D12) - Receiver Only

DIRECTV D12-300 Digital Multi-Satellite Receiver (D12) - Receiver Only


2 DirecTV D12 TV Receiver


*NEW* DirecTV D12-500 Standard Digital receiver w/ Remote & Cords! - OWNED

DIRECTV D12-500 Multi-Satellite Standard Digital Receiver - OWNED! Don't pay DirecTV $100 for a leased receiver and a commitment. Watch pay-per-view movies, and use DIRECTV's interactive channels. RID: 0068 8508 4035 A/C: 0022 7134 8662 Call DirecTV' ...  More


DirecTV Receiver D12-100

This is my old DirecTV receiver. No hard drive in this. It is only for streaming off DirecTV. The pictures show the ports available to you. It was working fine prior to me upgrading.


DIRECTV Receiver w/ac power cord and remote - Model D12-300


DIRECTV D12-700 Digital Multi-Satellite Receiver (D12) - Receiver Only


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