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Cable TV In-line Voltage Blocking Coupler 180-192

Payment Shipping Warranty Returns Contact Warranty LIMITED WARRANTYAll new products, unless otherwise warranted in their description, are warranted only to be free of defects in material and workmanship for ninety (90) days from date of shipment. No ...  More


Channel Vision HS3 3 Way Splitter-Coupler

CHANNEL VISION HS3 Channel Vision HS3 3 Way Splitter-Coupler Description PCB printed circuit board design nickel plated housing IR passing all ports DC voltage passing all ports 1GHz bandwidth low insertion loss machined threads. 3-way splitter/combi ...  More


3 Each, 750MHZ Directional Coupler Coaxial FM/TV Tap Splitter

750MHZ Directional Coupler Coaxial FM/TV Tap Splitter


Tru Spec DCWG-27, coupler 27db tap (Lot of 31)

31 pieces. Tru Spec DCWG-27 coaxial taps. 5-1000MHz, 27db.


Tru Spec DCWG-24, coupler 24db tap (Lot of 24)

24 pieces. Tru Spec DCWG-24 coaxial taps. 5-1000MHz, 24db.


Tru Spec DCWG-20, coupler 20db tap (Lot of 17)

17 pieces. Tru Spec DCWG-20 coaxial taps. 5-1000MHz, 20db.


5-1000MHz 1 In 2 Out TV CATV Signal Coupler 2 Way Splitter

5-1000MHz 1 In 2 Out TV CATV Signal Coupler 2 Way Splitter Please note that we are selling factory direct products. All our products are 100% brand new in manufacturer's packaging. Specification: Product Name 2 Way CATV Splitter Material Metal Type 1 ...  More


CommScope SV-DC-9G T.TYPE Coaxial Digital Tap 5-1002Mhz Directional Coupler


US STOCK directional coupler 10dB 800-2700 mhz N Female TYPE 200W


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