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NEW 38 Inch Satellite Extension Mast Shaw Bell Starchoice Dishnetwork

DESCRIPTION This is a brand new 38 inch extension mast for mounting a satellite dish. It provides additional height needed for clearing obsticles, avoiding snow build up, or just making your dish look cooler. Please ask about bulk quantities and comb ...  More


New Shaw direct xku triple satellite quad output switchable lnbf for 60e dish.

This xKu lnbf is new and unused. Box has been opened for photos only. This is the newest model triple satellite quad output xku lnbf for Shaw direct. For use with a 60E dish only. -Shipping to Canada and the USA only. -Please note, this is a paypal a ...  More


NEW Shaw Direct Starchoice Satellite Dish Elliptical Antenna w/ XKU LNB 4 port

DESCRIPTION This is a brand new 60cm Shaw Direct (Starchoice) Satellite kit. Kits includes a Mounting Mast, New style 4 port XKU Triple Satellite LNB (with protective rubber boot and cable clips), Dish Pan, Skew, Arm, and Bolts. This kit includes the ...  More


Shaw Direct 5x8 Satellite Multiswitch Starchoice multi switch star choice

With customers demanding a larger quality MultiSwitch for Shaw direct RPS has searched and has found one of the best on the market. Shaw direct HD and DTV 2 satellites and 1 Antenna Freq sat: 950-2150MHz Terr: 47-862Mhz 18v inputCascadable 516 way mu ...  More


USED Shaw Direct Starchoice Satellite Dish LNB Quad 4 port 60e Elliptical Eye

; DESCRIPTION This is a slightly used, older style Shaw Direct 60e (Starchoice) Dual Satellite Quad LNB. This LNB has been fully tested to ensure all 4 ports are working on both horizontal and vertical transponders. This LNB will work on the Shaw Dir ...  More


Lot of 6 Shaw Direct XKU LNB's for 75e Elliptical Dish

Lot of 6. Shaw Direct XKU LNB's for 75e Elliptical Dish .


Shaw Direct XKU LNB for 75e Elliptical Dish

Shaw Direct XKU LNB for 75e Elliptical Dish .


Shaw Direct Star Choice xKu LNB Triple Satellite Quad Output LNBF for 60E

Shaw xKu LNB. Used but works well. Works only with the Shaw 60E Dish. Ask questions for more info.


New Style SHAW DIRECT Triple Satellite XKU LNB 60 cm Elliptical Satellite Dish




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