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Accessories unlimited AU480 4 ft. Tuneable Tip CB Antenna with Weather Trap

Accessories Marketing Inc. AU480 Accessories unlimited AU480 4 ft. Tuneable Tip CB Antenna with Weather Trap Description Technical Details:. Mount Type: 3/8 x 24. Length: 48 . Frequency Range: 26-30MHz. Frequency Type: CB Radio. Load Position: Top. A ...  More


75 Ohm Coax FM Trap Improves Poor TV Picture Quality

75-Ohm Coax FM Trap Improves poor picture quality caused by FM interference. The 75-Ohm Coax FM Trap reduces or eliminates interference in your TV reception caused by nearby FM transmitters. FM interference appears as a "herringbone" pattern on your ...  More


Archer 15-1123 4 Set 75 ohm UHF/VHF/FM Amplified Coupler with on/off FM trap

This is an Archer/RadioShack 15-1123 Indoor 4 Set UHF/VHF/FM Amplified Coupler, 75 ohm with an on/off FM trap. It is in excellent working condition and is guaranteed to work properly.. International Buyers MUST ask for shipping charges before bidding ...  More


New-- Arcom MN-C trap, negative channel C B2

New-- Arcom MN-C trap, negative channel C. These units are unused recovery items from the cable industry. Buyer pays shipping cost, please see shipping statement before making any payment, thanks!Effective immediately (10/24/13), all foreign winners ...  More


New Home Shield Filter Trap Remove Cable TV CATV Security Tool Hot DX

Cable TV CATV Security Shield Filter Remove LOCK Tool Trap 100% BRAND NEW! Weight: 40g Size:5.7 x 2.0 cm Stainless steel with knurled knob Fits RG6 / RG59 crimping connectors Clip ring for increased tightening leverage This tool features a knurled kn ...  More


Cable TV Security Shield and Filter Trap Removing Tool CATV

Cable TV Security Shield and Filter Trap Removing Tool CATV this is a 100% brand new wrench sleeve removal tool.used for removing 7/16" security sleeves and filters from cable tv connections. this tool is great for installing or removing in hard to r ...  More


New Cable Pro TWC716 Security Sleeve Combo Trap Wrench

New Cable Pro TWC716 Security Sleeve Combo Trap Wrench All Trap Wrenches are made from 6061 Aluminum.The wrenches are hard anodized for protection and easy identification.All wrenches have two high strength steel pins, press fitted into the aluminum ...  More


FT- 7500 Fixed Fm trap Winegard

here is some info we founf about it ~the FM Trap is used to reduce offending FM signals that can cause audio and video interference. Designed to attenuate the entire FM band and Average -26dB. The FT7500 unit is AC/DC passove Reduces strong signals f ...  More


lot of various Eagle Comtronics FILTERS & TRAPS DIGICOM Connectors (lot-B)


Eagle Comtronics nine channel filter trap - FREE SHIPPING


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