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Eagle Comtronics Inc ETN-7 New Negative Trap (Micro Series)

You are buying one New ETN-7 Negative Trap. Trap features: Model: ETN-7 Channel: 7 7 Notch-Depth: -75 dB L.A.S.: -7.5 dB Upper Video: -1.2 dB High Frequency Loss: -2.5dB @ 860 MHz Capacity: 0.5 amps Size: 2.65" Usage in a wide range of frequencies, a ...  More


lot of various Eagle Comtronics FILTERS & TRAPS DIGICOM Connectors (lot-B)

YOU ARE BIDDING ON A LOT OFvarious Eagle Comtronics FILTERS & TRAPS DIGICOM Connectors. EMN-2 105 EMN-A 132 EMN-2 1043 6mlp-13 128 EMN-2 109 EMN-A-089 EMN-A 069 EMN-2 109 EMN-2 089 EMN-A 0310 EMN-2 059 EMN-A 036? EMN-2 053 EMN-A 0711 EMN-2 1011


SUNQQ Cable TV Security Shield and Filter Trap Removing Tool CATV

this is a 100% brand new wrench sleeve removal tool.used for removing 7/16" security sleeves and filters from cable tv connections. this tool is great for installing or removing in hard to reach areas.security shield tool, catv security tool, f-conne ...  More


Cable TV CATV Security Shield Filter Removal Trap Tool

Cable TV CATV Security Shield Filter Removal Trap Tool Main Menu Shop categories Video Games Computers&Networking Consumer Electronics Cameras & Photo Jewelry & Watches Battery Musical instruments Tool Gadgets Sporting Goods Electronics H ...  More


FEC L10515 15" Deep Trap Bracket Shelf 3RU

Supports up to 50lbs Ventilated bottom for heat dissipation 19" W x 15" D x 5.25" H


Rosewill Amplified Digital/UHF HDTV Antenna - Indoor/Outdoor w/FM Trap Filter

Rosewill RMS-DA5600 Amplified Digital/UHF/VHF HDTV Antenna - Indoor/Outdoor w/ FM Trap Filter Specifications Frequency Range UHF 470 - 890 MHz; VHF 47 - 83MHz, 113 - 230MHz Power Gain 20dB +/- 3dB Noise Figure 4dB (Max.) VSWR 3:1 RF Output Impedance ...  More



You are bidding on a new lot of 100 PPC filter traps MCH-5 ST-KITTS PPC 363. V0077 28B 15LBS JLD 1/24/11 Our satisfaction guarantee: We guarantee that the item pictured will be the exact same item you receive. What you see is what you get! If you are ...  More


Improve your weak HDTV Over the Air Broadcast Signal - Commercial Grade FM Trap

Improve your fringe HDTV Over the Air Broadcast Signal, Commercial Grade Nickel plated steel FM Trap with two female F Connectors and mounting screws. This is one of the most powerful FM traps on the market with 30db loss in the center of the FM radi ...  More


Viewsonics Coaxial In-line "TV Trap" Professional Interference Filter, PRISTINE!


CABLEPRO Cable Pro Connector Trap Wrench TW716 COAX CATV


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