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Nimbusat 9 x 8 powered satellite multiswitch multi-switch with built-in diplexer

8 satellite and 1 terrestrial inputs with built-in diplexer Supports up to 8 satellite receivers Built in amplifier to compensate for loss of signal while splitting Supports DiSEqC 2.0 protocol Includes 9 inputs to connect eight satellite signals (i. ...  More


DiercTv SWM16 and SWM8 multiswitch and more

Misc DirecTv Mdu (D2A) stuff. I'm not doing MDU work for DirecTv any more and have some stuff left over from several jobs. 2- SWM16 multiswitches2- SWM8 multiswitches2- Sonora power inserters2- Directv power inserters3- Sonora single line 14dB amps1- ...  More


DiercTv LMBs

Directv LNBS. I'm selling some DirecTv LNBs as a single lot. 1- KaKu 51- KaKu 34- SWM3 reverse band for 4K1- SWM5 reverse band for 4K2- 36" LNB for internation1- 18" LNB for 101


directv power inserterpi21r1-03

DIRECTV power inserter pi21r1-03


TERK BMS-58 MutiSwitch DTV Dish Satellite Cable -- 5 input 8 output,w/power sup

5 coaxial "F-type" connections 4 for connection to a triple-LNB satellite dish, 1 for over-the air antenna or cable DC pass capability to power amplified antennas or DBS satellite systems weatherproof housing


VideoPath Multi-Dish Switch SW2112347598-AB DISH NETWORK 110 119 SATV FTA NEW

VideoPath Multi-Dish Switch SW21 12347598-AB


Polaroid Outdoor/Indoor AMA-1850P 360° Motorized Rotating HDTV Amplified Antenna

Learn more about Tuff Mount AMA-1850P Brand: Tuff Mount Model: AMA-1850P Features: Remote Control Rotator Antenna Allows For Proper Positioning Allowing For Maximum Channel Reception Long Range Reception: Up to 150 Miles Dual TV Output Allows You To ...  More



ZINWELL MS6X8WB-Z 6X8 MULTI-SWITCH FOR KA/KU ANTENNA Zinwell DirecTV approved 6x8 Multiswitches Model WB68 6x8 multiswitch designed to interface with 99/101/103/110/119W satellites plus additional inputs (2), Flexport 1 and Flexport 2. Flexports are ...  More




RCA 4 Way Multi Switch Dual LNB Distribution DBS D6520 Stellite TV Universal NOS


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