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Icing Spatula

Icing spatula. It's stainless steel. Has a little spot at the top to hook it some place after where. Great for decorating and serving. Dishwasher safe!


Vintage Caitlin/Bakelite Handle Cheese Slicer

This is a wonderful tool to have in your kitchen ... use it or display it. It is vintage with a marbleized bakelite (Caitlin) handle which is in super condition. The wire cutter is taut and ready for its next slice of cheese .... yum! It measures 7 1 ...  More


Solid Copper Vintage 6-Piece Serving Utensils

Vintage 6-piece Solid Copper Servings Utensils. Never polished...just washed from dust. Never used, just as decor. Made in Korea. Available for $47.00. Thanks for looking! :-)


Antique Iron Kitchen used tongs from India size 30 cms

Antique Iron Kitchen used tongs from India size 30 cms D1 we are only give 10% discount combing shipping please not request more discount thanks Item will ship within 2-3 day after payment. You will receive an email once shipped. Payment must be made ...  More


Acero Ware Propane Cooker 38,000 BTU Cast Burner & 16” Stainless SteelGriddle

About the Product Acero Ware Professional Outdoor Propane Cooker comes with heavy duty stove stool, heavy duty construction, 38,000 BTU cast burner, CSA proved 5PSI hose and regulator. Acero Wave Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel 16 Griddle is designed ...  More


Old VTG Set of 5 Nice Quality Various Meat Tenderizers Aluminum Galvanized Steel

This is a wonderful older (1940's-1960's) collection of (5) meat tenderizers. All have had use, none have been abused. There is (1) that I believe is galvanized steel and the rest are cast aluminum. All are good quality that will last many years. Be ...  More


Daewoo Copper Utensil Set and Brass Rack vintage kitchen

Daewoo Copper Utensil Set and Brass Rack Solid copper fork, skimmer, two ladles, spoon and spatula 17.75" rack with two mounting screws Original box with complete set of utensils



This assortment of dishes is ideal for the back-to-college coed. It includes 4 Royal Norfolk Greenbriar International Inc. blue green dishes which are dishwasher and microwave safe. The dishes have a brown rim and the diameter is 10 1/2" The 4 smalle ...  More




Vintage ArtBeck Pyrex Glass Turkey Baster 1946 Original Box Retro Kitchen Decor


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